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Ah Loy Thai

Exquisite Thai Cuisine in Singapore

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Ah Loy Thai: Authentic Thai Flavors.

Nestled in the heart of Singapore, Ah Loy Thai is a culinary gem that seamlessly blends traditional Thai flavors with a contemporary dining experience. As a favorite among locals and visitors alike, our restaurant at Bugis captures the essence of Thailand’s vibrant street food scene.

Discover Thai Culinary Bliss Here.

Ah Loy Thai takes pride in offering a menu that reflects the authenticity of Thai cuisine. Our dishes are crafted with precision, using traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients to ensure an unparalleled dining experience. From aromatic curries to flavorful stir-fries, each dish tells a story of Thailand’s rich gastronomic heritage.

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Ah Loy Thai Reservation
ah loy thai

Taste Thailand in Every Bite.

Located in the vibrant Bugis neighborhood, Ah Loy Thai welcomes you to a cozy and inviting ambiance. Our Bugis outlet, conveniently situated at Shaw Tower, is the ideal setting to savor authentic Thai cuisine. Immerse yourself in the bustling energy of Bugis while enjoying the delectable offerings from our kitchen.

Bugis Dining, Ah Loy Style.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of Thai cuisine or a first-time visitor, Ah Loy Thai at Bugis promises a culinary adventure like no other. Join us for a delightful meal that transcends boundaries and transports you to the vibrant streets of Thailand. Ah Loy Thai – where tradition meets modernity on your plate.

ah loy thai
ah loy thai

Ah Loy Thai: Where Tradition Transcends.

Behind every dish at Ah Loy Thai is a team of skilled chefs dedicated to delivering culinary excellence. With a passion for Thai cooking, our chefs bring the vibrant flavors of Thailand to your table. Experience the artistry of Thai cuisine through the expert hands of our talented culinary team.

Reservations Made Memorable at Ah Loy.

Planning your visit to Ah Loy Thai is a breeze with our easy reservation system. Secure your spot at our Bugis outlet and ensure a seamless dining experience. Whether you’re planning a casual meal with friends or a special celebration, our team is ready to make your visit memorable.

ah loy thai

Ah Loy Thai Reviews:

Curious about what others have to say? Read Ah Loy Thai reviews to get insights into the exceptional dining experiences of our patrons. From the warm hospitality to the exquisite flavors, our reviews reflect the dedication we put into creating memorable moments for our guests.

Ah Loy Thai
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Pokchuen ChanPokchuen Chan
18:32 23 May 24
13:14 20 May 24
Delicious and relatively authentic Thai food. Green curry is thick and the coconut milk is rich. The egg omelette with minced meat is a bit disappointing though as I could hardly find any minced meat in it.
B aymaxB aymax
06:03 19 May 24
The meal delivery speed is very slow. It only takes 30 minutes to order a piece of pineapple fried rice.
Peiyi (Potato)Peiyi (Potato)
12:47 18 May 24
Food was served very promptly. Not bad, thick tomyum soup was wholesome and pad see ew was fragrant and tasty. Got a bit of wokhei. Mooping was ok but had a bit of pork smell. Garlic pork can be more fragrant. Pandan chicken was decent. It was quite warm and stuffy tho.
Handi TantionoHandi Tantiono
10:46 17 May 24
Definitely one of the best Thai food in Singapore with reasonable prices. I have patronised this restaurant for 10+ years since their days in Shaw Tower to this Tan Quee Lan Street. I personally love the Tom Yum Soup the most. We ordered Pandan Chicken, TomYum Fried Rice, kangkong and all are good. It can be a bit oily though.
purple liupurple liu
14:48 04 Apr 24
Pandan Pork
Nicole LeowNicole Leow
09:31 03 Apr 24
Jun JoonieJun Joonie
13:44 26 Mar 24
Was a fan of this restaurant, but not anymore after the first and only unpleasant experience tonight.This is the first restaurant I have ever encountered that chase customer by clearing food away when I am still eating.The aunty server literally hurried us when I was trying to finish the last bit of my food. so we get her hint and already planned to leave after we finish our food and drink. We arrived at about 6.30pm and it happened around 7.30pm.All she said was "sorry xiaodi, there's a long queue outside", AND proceeded to clear the whole table. At this point, I am still eating and have cultery in hands. We didn't manage to stop her in time cause we thought she was just going to clear my friend's empty plate. Worst is she didn't even ask if we still want the food. That left the both of us stunned.Can't even give customer 10 minutes to finish their food. I only saw 2-3 group of ppl of people waiting outside when I left. Never visiting again.
bowie siowbowie siow
04:58 24 Mar 24
2 stars are for the food and the attitude of the Indian female staff is extremely bad.
Raffi NguyenRaffi Nguyen
13:24 21 Mar 24
Delicious rice with lots of chicken, shrimp, egg, pineapple and raisins. Unfortunately the Mango Sticky Rice was sold out today ☹️
EweCheong TanEweCheong Tan
16:04 18 Mar 24
Siwei FengSiwei Feng
10:41 11 Mar 24
This place is NOT WORTH GOING. The stuff was very cold. When my mother and I sat down, the stuff came and told us to go out because “my father has not arrived yet and they only gave seat to people who come together”. After saying that, the stuff just stood in front of us, looking DOWN at us as if we did something so wrong! Okay, I understand that they may need the seat if it is very busy, but NO!!! The restaurant is empty, and the stuff persist on chasing us out. I assure the stuff that my father will arrive soon, and the stuff rolled her eyes and said like: “oh okay lah” with such an uncomfortable tone!! OMG this is one for my WORST DINING EXPERIENCE! The food here may be nice, I don’t know? But the service is really wrong. The boss should definitely fire this young female waitress or the customers will definitely continue to complain about this place!!! Alright, let’s move on to the menu. The menu is GREASY. And the price is on a separate paper? It’s very inconvenient to look at this menu. AND!!! The restaurant is not doing many of its famous dishes and we didn’t know. We went all the way for its famous desserts and main dishes but they are not cooking them any more!! This is a scam!!
16:25 09 Mar 24
This Thai food is delicious, the best I have ever eaten in Singapore, and the price is not expensive. You have to order and pay first, the store only accepts cash and paynow. The key point is that every dish is delicious. For dinner on Sunday, we arrived when the doors opened at 5 o'clock. It was already full and we had to queue up. Fortunately, we came just in time😋Super recommended👍👍👍👍👍
Athan HongAthan Hong
12:09 03 Mar 24
7/10, just alrightPad thai and tom yum was quite underwhelmingPandan chicken and the egg was not badNot worth the queue
12:58 26 Feb 24
So many notices on their glass door and the staff don't even bother to highlight all pax have to arrive before can go in. They just let me wait for very long, let everybody go in but don't let me go in even though it will be last order timing soon and there are plenty of available seats. Only 2 of us and my friend is held up in a traffic jam and arriving soon. I have already chosen the dishes to select & will pay first. They are not customer oriented or flexible. The staff, a young gal in specs has very bad service, not even apologetic for not highlighting, just told me look at the notice on the glass door! Food is not bad but with such bad service will definitely deter me from patronising! The seafood tom yum clear soup bland), tom yum fried rice (too soft & mashy) and Pad Thai (noodles undercooked), all are lacking in taste and fragrance, seafood are those glass prawns and frozen squids, pretty much tasteless, different from what I ate last time, unpleasant dining experience, very disappointed, only the pandan chicken is still nice, fried potato leaves is so so but too oily.
Koichi SuzukiKoichi Suzuki
11:55 24 Feb 24
As per word of mouthIt was delicious Thai food!
Claire CClaire C
13:58 21 Feb 24
I used to frequent this restaurant very often and would recommend my colleagues and friends. On recent visit the restaurant space was halved so the whole place was cramp, the food quality declined so much the pad thai and pandan chicken tasted dry. Worse, the server was collecting our plate and utensils while we were packing the food, and when we comment that we needed the utensil she ignored and made snide remarks while continueing to keep the plate and cutlery. How were we supposed to pack the food without using cutlery? Ridiculous service. If that was a way to chase customer out of the table it made no sense as we were trying to pack already and we kept to the 60 mins dining time. Definitely not going to return. What a shame.
Christine ChanChristine Chan
09:24 20 Feb 24
Fast service during lunch. Great food!
10:44 16 Feb 24
Ball bustingly good. You’ll want more-superb flavors.
Jerix lamJerix lam
02:27 14 Feb 24
b Dab Da
12:48 08 Feb 24
Completely average
Carmen FoongCarmen Foong
07:47 07 Feb 24
Jea LowJea Low
05:07 05 Feb 24
Andri HudionAndri Hudion
02:29 31 Jan 24
Very good food. As expected, the queue was quite long during office lunch hour
15:11 30 Jan 24
Food was below average, clear Tom yum was too sweet, not sour and spicy enough. The prawns in the Tom yum was abit stale also… Pad Thai was too sweet, for the fried pork, the meat was abit smelly. The kangkong was good (my partner said it was okay).Overall okay for price, service was good. No service charge and GST.Place had abit of oily stuffy smell. Could use stronger aircon.
Ayong MasajiAyong Masaji
14:22 30 Jan 24
Soo rich of flavor, make Teague dancing soo happySuper nyam nyam
c tzehowc tzehow
06:43 28 Jan 24
Food is delicious and price is reasonable. No service charge and GST. Waiting time was a bit long for food. Not all food served together ....
Yuqing LiuYuqing Liu
14:01 27 Jan 24
Longqi WangLongqi Wang
06:22 27 Jan 24
Julius TanJulius Tan
13:59 26 Jan 24
Not as good as they were when they used to be at Shaw.
Clin TanClin Tan
02:38 24 Jan 24
Ordered a few dishes, it’s been a long time since we came here. Still prefer the way how business is run like the good days.Portion is reduced, taste wise ok. Both quantity and quality have dropped in compared to the past.Need to buck up
12:49 21 Jan 24
Terrence TehTerrence Teh
14:54 20 Jan 24
clara lauclara lau
15:13 16 Jan 24
Very delicious food especially the fried omelette super nice. Value for money for all the dishes
lai keng yuenlai keng yuen
06:46 16 Jan 24
Kok Wei WongKok Wei Wong
12:43 14 Jan 24
su heansu hean
06:23 14 Jan 24
The pandan leave chicken is bad - feels like I'm chewing on fake meat. Some other dishes can be overly sour. Literally forcing myself to finish.
Dina YulianaDina Yuliana
17:16 13 Jan 24
The foods are very tasty and flavorful with a good portion. The tom yum soup is definitely a must try dish. Pandan chicken is not really recommended though. Avoid dine in at lunch or dinner hours as the place is really packed. Choose to dine earlier. Staff are helpful.
Kevin KurniawanKevin Kurniawan
02:32 12 Jan 24
comfort and good portion. also good food
12:07 07 Jan 24
Pad Thai was very delicious.I'm not a fan of spicy food, but I think it's spicy enough that even Japanese people can enjoy it.
Tan Yi JingTan Yi Jing
11:56 07 Jan 24
Food was amazing however wish that the time gap between dish serve was shorter, first dish came and waited for around 10 minutes for the second dish. Other than that, everything is great, food was delicious. Tomyam have a hint of lime taste which is great to open up your appetite.
Marilyn TanMarilyn Tan
10:11 06 Jan 24
06:22 02 Jan 24
Edit: pls advise how to reach you? Email or Phone call? Anyway, the server is a Chinese auntie. A bit short kind.I think raw prawn is unacceptable in a Tom Yam soup.. I asked the server and she say got people prefer prawns being half cooked. Must be kidding!! Won’t reco people to come back. Stomach feels weird now and $14 for soup. Standards dropped for sure.
Serene TangSerene Tang
12:56 01 Jan 24
Food wasn’t up to expectation as before anymore as compared to Shaw tower.
07:14 31 Dec 23
Liu LingjunLiu Lingjun
10:28 26 Dec 23
Siew MinSiew Min
15:52 22 Dec 23
Recently, I was craving for Thai cuisine and decided to try Ah Loy Thai.Food served here were delicious and authentic. My friends and I over ordered too much as we didn't expect the portion for each dish was so generous Nevertheless, the meal was delicious for its price!hat each dish know the portion is generous and huge compared to other Thai restaurants.Personally, I would like to give a special shout out to the Thai milk tea. Ordered in both hot and iced - The hot milk tea is so rich in flavour that we ordered twice, while the iced milk tea version is equally aromatic, not at all diluted despite being iced. Would also like recommend their mu ping, papaya salad and Tom yum seafood clear soup!However, the queue system and rules could be better. There were plenty of empty tables (there were only 2 small groups in the restaurant dining) in the restaurant. However, we were asked to wait outside in the humid weather until all my friends were here. Thought that such discretion should be placed only if the restaurant is busy.
javier gohjavier goh
13:07 18 Dec 23
Food was not bad, spend about $100 for pax of 5. Brought in my bottled of mineral water. Was called out by the waitress for bringing outside drink. However, I didn’t even drink it and I ordered drinks from them. So I was genuinely puzzled. Apart from the stares from the older waitress, food was nice. Won’t be back again.
Terry DingTerry Ding
06:24 18 Dec 23
Good quality food for affordable price. No service fee and GST.Update on 18122023: revisited, price go up a bit and space really small now
Thet H SweThet H Swe
04:09 15 Dec 23
Femie FongFemie Fong
01:19 15 Dec 23
Nice people good food but too crowded maybe due to too famous 😋😋😋😅😅🥰thank you for good food 🥰
sarah septianisarah septiani
12:25 14 Dec 23
No wonder they always have long que. The food, the service and the ambience is top notch.
Chris HoldenChris Holden
07:58 13 Dec 23
C AlexC Alex
09:19 12 Dec 23
Great food & portion, friendly servers, value for $
Sune SimSune Sim
07:56 12 Dec 23
Grace WSGrace WS
06:38 12 Dec 23
The pandan chicken was a nice dish. The omelette was a bit oily but tasted good.
Benny T.Benny T.
02:23 10 Dec 23
This Thai restaurant offers flavorful dishes with heavy, mouth taste. overall i’m satisfied, prices bit steep
Ben TangBen Tang
07:00 20 Nov 23
I recently had the pleasure of dining at Ah Loy Thai, and it was a delightful experience from start to finish. The ambiance was inviting, creating the perfect setting for an enjoyable meal. The menu offered a fantastic variety of authentic Thai dishes, each bursting with flavor.I must commend the attentive and friendly staff who made the dining experience even more enjoyable. Their recommendations were spot-on, and they were quick to ensure that every aspect of our meal was to our satisfaction.The standout, of course, was the food itself. Each dish was expertly crafted, showcasing the rich and bold flavors that Thai cuisine is known for. The freshness of the ingredients was evident, and it's clear that the chefs at Ah Loy Thai take great pride in delivering a top-notch culinary experience.Overall, Ah Loy Thai exceeded my expectations, and I can't wait to return for another round of delightful dining. Highly recommended for anyone in search of authentic Thai cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere.
Jayon SeeJayon See
17:25 17 Nov 23
One of the best Thai cuisine in Singapore. Located jn Bugis area, this Thai restaurant serves amazing Thai food. Fried egg, tomyum, lemongrass chicken, mango salad, is among the food that you must try, I kid you not. However, queueing system and rules can be improved.
Hartono HarjonoHartono Harjono
14:54 02 Nov 23
Truly delicious authentic Thai food at this restaurant. The process of writing down your order on paper and then proceeding to the cashier to place your order and make payment is straightforward, and the waiting time for the food is acceptable.However, there's a bit of an issue with the second place, which is still under renovation. The problem lies in the fact that the sound tends to bounce off the unfinished walls and ceiling, creating noise pollution and making it a bit challenging for patrons to enjoy a peaceful dining experience. Despite this, the food is definitely worth the visit.
Isobel TanIsobel Tan
14:36 19 Aug 23
You need to come here early or at odd hours or be prepared to queue, and it’s easy to see why - this restaurant has one of the tastiest Thai food I’ve ever eaten (and I’ve eaten a lot).If there is one dish you must try, it has to be their omelette with minced pork; crispy and tasty.Their tom yam soup and tom yam fried rice are also rich and delicious. Do also remember to order their Pandan chicken.

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Planning your visit to Ah Loy Thai is a breeze with our easy reservation system.

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